6 Ways We’ve Gone Green

LEGOLAND® California Resort has made multiple upgrades to become an eco-friendly business and continues to be committed to providing the best family theme park in the United States while optimizing recycling, water conservation, and other earth-conscious management techniques.

In 2007, we launched the innovative “Green Wave Committee,” which is an oversight group of Model Citizens (employees) from all departments in the Park, including landscaping, marketing, operations and events. These Green Wave Committee members provide ideas, direction and promotion in the continuing efforts to create a clean, eco-friendly environment for kids, families, and Model Citizens to enjoy.

Here are just 6 of the many ways LEGOLAND California Resort has dedicated itself to conservation:

1. Recycling
Throughout the entire Park, guests can green1find receptacles for collecting recyclables: such as cardboard, paper, bottles, aluminum, glass and steel. There are even special recycling bins for used Park Maps! In fact, LEGOLAND California Resort has a minimum of one recycling bin for every trash bin to make collection easy and accessible throughout the Resort. Even recycled items mistakenly put in the waste bin are sorted behind the scenes to ensure that every recyclable item is found. Continue reading 6 Ways We’ve Gone Green