Here in the Model Shop, we are constantly building, creating and imagining new models for LEGOLAND California Resort. Want to know how we do it? Check out our Top 5 Secrets.

1.Every Master Builder has a specialty


Each model in LEGOLAND California tells its own story, but before the story can be told, the Master Model Builders have to decide in which style they want to build. Models in Miniland are typically built with many smaller detail pieces to add a “greeble” effect, while larger models around the park are built of basic LEGO bricks. Master Model Builder Bill likes to build animals, figures, and other fine details, while Builder Rob enjoys building models with more basic bricks.

2.LEGO models have stories behind them


The true Texas BBQ at the Knight’s Smokehouse has a secret ingredient: BBQ pitmaster and chef Vlad! Builder Rob was so impressed by the smoked brisket, that he named the LEGO chef after the real chef who helped create the restaurant’s signature flavors. Rob even built a matching hat and apron like the Smokehouse MCs wear every day.

3. 3-D modeling tools plan for big models


Master Model Builders do not use instructions for their creations, but they do plan out what they build long in advance. Sometimes a model has to be designed to fit through a door, or placed up high, so they need to make sure everything will fit before they spend hours and hours building away. By using computer modeling software, models will never be too big or small, and the Master Model Builders can plan ahead for whatever complex building projects they face.

4.Organization is key


Since Mast Model Builders have more than three million bricks at their disposal, being able to find just the right brick can be challenging. In the Model Shop, bricks are sorted by color, then by shape. The most commonly used bricks are placed at eye level for easy recognition, and rarer bricks are sometimes placed so high that a ladder is need to reach them!

5.Tools vary project to project

Model Shop_MakingOf

Sometimes LEGO models are located in a place where you can interact with them, take pictures with them, and even climb on them. Special tools are needed to install some models to make them safe and fun for everyone. Some models need to be secured to the ground with bolts and concrete, while others may need something as large as a crane to help lift them into place!

Until next time – keep building!

~Master Model Builder Rob