Hiya everyone! Master Model Builder Rob here again, and I’m getting ready for Holiday Snow Days and Winter Nights here at LEGOLAND® California Resort. This time, we’re going to learn how to build a special candy cane, just in time for the holiday season!


I start by building on a base plate, so I can press my pieces down hard enough to make my models strong. (It also helps me not step on my half-finished LEGO creations!)

Candy canes start with a white 2×2 plate, and then I use 1×2 plates and bricks to build up a little on each side.

giphy (1)

Once I’ve started the base, I make the body of the candy cane by stacking red and white 1×2 bricks alternating on each side.

giphy (2)

The middle of the candy cane is finished when I put some more 1×2 plates, then a red 2×2 plate on top like this.

giphy (3)

Just like I alternated with the red and white bricks below, now I’m using 1×2 hinges in alternating patterns to continue building up. I’ll also use 1×1 “cheese wedge” slope bricks on the side opposite the hinge bricks.

giphy (5)

By adding a few more layers of hinges and cheese wedge slopes, along with some 2×2 plates in white and red, the candy cane is starting to take shape! When I feel like I have enough bricks on to make a curve, I’ll bend the top downwards. Don’t forget, the very tip of the candy cane needs four red cheese wedge slopes!

giphy (6)

My favorite part of building Holiday decorations is actually decorating with them. I found a home for my candy cane right here in Fun Town  with all the other amazing holiday models!

giphy (7)

Enjoy your candy cane and stay tuned for more exciting step-by-step builds. Happy Holidays!

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