Master Model Builder Rob here, just in time for Brick-or-Treat Party Nights! I’ve gathered some especially spooky LEGO® bricks on my desk. Today, I am going to show you how to build a special Minilander in a pumpkin costume.

If you remember last month, we built a regular Minilander that looked a little like me. This time, we’re going to learn some special tricks to build costumes, different clothes, and different hairstyles. Ready? OK!

The first step for me is to lay out all the pieces. This keeps me organized, and it gives me a feeling for how much I’ve completed. A standard Minilander uses about 35 pieces, but this one today will use more than 50 pieces!


I’ll start building by laying the shoes down on the baseplate, and then I’ll add some colored socks.

image (1)

After finishing the socks, I put the first leg pieces on top. You can use any color for skin that you like.

image (2)

To start with the pumpkin body, two inverted 2×3 slope pieces are used. After that, I’ll stack on two 2×2 inverted slope pieces.

image (3)

At this point, I will use a few plates in black and orange to make the mouth on the pumpkin costume. I like to make offset teeth, just like the ones on the real pumpkins that I carve.

image (4)

Once I fill in the center space with plates to make the mouth, the overall pumpkin body will be more stable. Many Minilanders are fragile, and they can break apart if not handled carefully. Here in the Model Shop, you can see all the Master Model Builders using hammers and clamps to make sure the LEGO bricks are squeezed together as tight as possible.

image (5)

Now I’ll add a 2×6 plate on top for strength, and two 2×2 bricks to make the sides taller.

image (6)

The jack-o-lantern eyes come to life when I add a combination of black and orange bricks in the center of the body!

image (7)

The 1×2 clip hinge plate will be the “shoulder,” although this pumpkin person is more than twice as wide as normal Minilander!

image (8)

Now we’ll add some 2×2 and 2×3 slope bricks to the top of the pumpkin to complete the body. See how the top is a mirror image of the bottom?

image (9) image (10)

Now I will add the neck as well as the tops of the arms.

image (11)

I finish up the arms here by adding hands and a few 1×1 skin-colored plates.

image (12)

Since I’m making my pumpkin Minilander have long hair, I’m going to show you a new way to make the head. Start by adding a 1×2 brick to a 2×2 plate, just like last time. Then spin it around and add a 1×2 Technic brick in whatever color you want your hair to be.

image (13) image (14)

Once the Technic brick is in place, put a Technic half pin in the hole, long end first. This gives us a stud on the back of the head to attach…

image (15)

…our hair scrunchie! I like to use bright colors here, but you can use any color you would like. Once you’ve attached your scrunchie, stack up a few 1×2 plates to make your long hair. There’s no limit to how long Minilander hair can be, but I’ll stick with three hair pieces for now.

image (20)

Like our regular Minilander, this one needs a chin. We’ll use the “jumper” piece, or the 1×2 plate with one stud. (Isn’t “jumper” a catchier name? It jumps between two studs, after all!)

image (16)

To finish off the pumpkin head, I will take four 2×2 “L” corner plates and add them around the top of the head, like a hat.

image (17)

Next I top the hat with a 2×2 orange plate, and a 1×1 green cone, to make the pumpkin stem! I also add the long hair pieces at this time, right before I attach the head to the body.

image (18)

Well, what do you think?

Wait… I think we’re forgetting something… No Brick-Or-Treater is complete without his or her own candy and goodie bag!

image (19)

Ta-Daaaa! Here is the complete Minilander in a pumpkin costume! Show us your Minilander by posting a pic of it on Instagram and use #AskAModelBuilder. From the Model Shop here at LEGOLAND California – see you next time!