Ahhh, the holidays…the best time of the year for creating memorable moments with loved ones and (naturally) eating delicious winter treats that warm the heart and belly right up! This year’s lineup of seasonal food offerings at LEGOLAND® California is particularly impressive – from international delicacies to classic cold weather fare, you’ll be sure to find something that will offer the perfect food backdrop to your family’s memory making enjoyment during Snow Days + Winter Nights event.

Here for your consideration is a breakdown of the delightfully delicious holiday treats available at LEGOLAND California:

1. Poutine

poutine_insta2Where: Fun Town Market
: Because there are not many places you can find poutine in Southern California much less inside of a theme park! What is a poutin you ask? Only one of the most amazing dishes I’ve had in recent memory – extra crispy fries covered in savory gravy, topped with cheese curds and garnished with a sprinkling of onion and fresh herbs.


2. Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl

clamchowder_instaWhere: Fun Town Dogs
: After a breathtaking time playing in the Fun Town snow area, nothing will sound better than a warm, comforting meal of hearty New England clam chowder encased in a crispy, golden brown sourdough bread bowl. Be prepared for a coin toss to decide who gets the coveted piece of bread on the side, perfect for sopping up the last remnants of soup (because trust me, you’ll want to!).


3. Knockwurst vs Bratwurst

hotdog_instaWhere: Fun Town Dogs
: The age old debate of knockwurst vs bratwurst rages on at LEGOLAND California, and our culinary experts haven’t made it any easier by creating tasty, mouthwatering versions of each. Some people think of knockwurst as a ramped up version of a hot dog, but the LEGOLAND version has kicked it up a notch further with a smoky pork and beef mixture that will awaken your taste buds instantly.

It’s sister, bratwurst, is a blend of pork and veal that is lighter and milder in appearance, but don’t let it’s looks fool you because it’s flavor sure packs a veritable punch! Both are topped off with what is described by our culinary team as the most complicated recipe in the park – creamy sauerkraut! This sauerkraut is made from no less than 18 ingredients, ranging from sautéed apples to juniper berries to cardamom.


4. Jumbo (!) Pretzels

Pretzel_InstaWhere: The Holiday Cart
: I mean just look at that picture. Need I say more? Even our LEGO® Minifigure can’t believe his eyes! If you’ve worked up an appetite running around the Park, a cheesy, salty pretzel is the way to go. The soft, fluffy dough on the inside pairs perfectly with the outside crispy crunch of crust, and the cheese adds the perfect hit of added texture and saltiness.


5. Churros & Chocolate

Churros_instaWhere: Fun Town Market and Churro Cart
: Okay, so I wrote about these guys last time you heard from me, but I just can’t stop talking about how good they are! In my defense, they were introduced last year as part of our holiday line up but ended up being so well received that they’ve become a year-round treat. Since my last blog entry I discovered that the chocolate comes straight from Belgium, which makes me love that delicious chocolate sauce even more.

With the exception of the churros, these holiday offerings are only available for a limited time so be sure to catch them before the snow melts at LEGOLAND California on January 3rd.

Until next time, have a very merry and joyous holiday season with all of your loved ones, and I look forward to our upcoming foodventures in 2016!

Warmest Holiday Wishes,
Chef Cheryl

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