“I LOVE waiting in line,” said no one ever.

So hallelujah for the new Reserve ‘N’ Ride service at LEGOLAND® California that allows you to reserve your seats on 12 of the Park’s top rides. Similar to the Fast/Flash Pass at other Parks, this one cuts down, if not completely eliminates, waiting in line, but with different (better) perks!

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Unlike the Fast Pass at the Park up the street, which can assign you a time to return much later in the day, Reserve ‘N’ Ride is waiting in line FOR you, so you can come back sooner. Plus, depending on the level of device you choose, it’s actually cutting down that wait time – Express by 25%, Deluxe by 50%, and Ultimate by 90%. The three levels of service vary in price range.

Not only can you reserve your spot in line, but you can do it for the same ride as many times as you and/or your kids want. So you can grab some Granny’s Apple Fries while you wait for your turn at The Dragon!

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The other big distinguishing feature is that you can reserve your rides from anywhere in the Park, rather than a specified kiosk. You can reserve your spot on Coastersaurus as you’re walking to Dino Island from Castle Hill. Planning your next adventure is really easy!

Things about Reserve ‘N’ Ride you’ll want to know:

  • Each device can hold up to 6 people (cost per person is dependent on the level)
  • You can buy your device online
  • When you hear a buzz, you can head to your ride anytime after that
  • Pass Members get 10% off

Let’s do a collective fist pump for this new game-changing addition to LEGOLAND California, but let’s try not to gloat when we bypass all the people waiting in line playing Heads Up on their phones.

Warm regards,
Model Mom Mary