One of the questions I hear frequently is, “What is there to do at LEGOLAND California with young kids?” And I just happen to be the perfect person to answer. I started taking my girls to LEGOLAND when they were both quite young; Lily was a little over two and Lexi was just a few months old. Now my littlest one is two so I’m still tailoring our visits towards the toddler age activities.

Our adventures through LEGOLAND always begin by heading to the left of The Beginning, as a majority of the toddler-friendly activities and rides are on the west side of the Park. The first roaringly fun stop is at Dino Island, with the Dig Those Dinos sand pit where they can channel their inner paleontologist, and the Coastersaurus, a DINO-MITE way to introduce little ones to the thrill of a rollercoaster (height requirement 36”). My Lily first rode it at age 2 ½ and loved every curve and dip while ogling the surrounding prehistoric LEGO jungle.

Our next stop is the Fairy Tale Brook we can all ride together (infants included) along a magical stream filled with our favorite storybook characters brought to life through LEGO bricks. My kids then go absolutely bonkers in DUPLO® Village. Between frolicking in the Water Works and playing in the DUPLO Playtown, interactive playground they have an absolute blast (TIP: Don’t worry if you forget swim diapers, towels or sunscreen–they can all be purchased at the Park). In the same area is the LEGOLAND Express, a train ride perfect for mom’s sporting a Bjorn or sling, and toddlers learning how to say “Choo Choo.”

Typically we then grab lunch in Fun Town after the show, a hot dog for the kids and something light for me (they have a great salad bar) at the Fun Town Market.  Then it’s off to Pirate Shores for some more water fun. At the Swabbies Deck, the kids have yet another chance to splish splash around.

And then we always finish our day off with some playtime with LEGO bricks in Imagination Zone and a relaxing cruise around the lagoon on The Coast Cruise. By the time we head out, the kids are puckered and tuckered and I know we’re all in for a good night’s sleep.  Obvioulsy, there’s a lot to do when you’re two!

Brick Regards,
Model Mom Mary

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