1. Sunscreen
If you forget, stop by Brick Brothers to pick up some Ocean Potion!

2. Comfortable walking shoes

3. Water shoes
There are a ton of splash pads and fun water activities for the kids all over the Park and water shoes are the best so your kiddos don’t slip.

4. Bathing suit(s)
Even if you’re not planning to go to the water park, you can count on your little ones wanting to get wet!

5. A hat and/or sunglasses

6. A change of clothes
For you AND your kiddos – you never know!

7. A light sweater
No matter how hot it gets during the day, the evening is always a bit breezy in SoCal.

8. Wipes
There could be a whole post on ways in which one could use wipes at an amusement park, just pack ‘em.

9. Minifigures
You can trade a Minifigure in with any Model Citizen (employees) who wear them on their name badges! There are also trading posts scattered around the park.

10. The LEGOLAND® California Official App (iPhone and Android)

Have a great time!
Model Mom Mary

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