Gotta catch ’em all at #LEGOLANDCA

Who’s new in town?  That’s right…Pokémon, and word on the brick is that LEGOLAND® California Resort is swarming with them.  We understand the desire to catch ’em all when your visiting the Park, we just ask that you follow our safety guidelines to make sure no human or Pokémon is harmed during the process.

Rules for a safe Pokémon GO quest at LEGOLAND California Resort:

blog pic
For your safety, do what our signs say.  Do not follow the lead of any Pokémon!

Even a Pokémon Master must stay within guest areas. Please don’t climb any fences or follow any Pokémon into employee-only areas.

No catch is worth sacrificing your safety. All play must pause throughout the duration of your ride until you exit the ride.

Be sure not to bump into one of our LEGO® models – that could hurt!

With more than 40 Pokémon to catch, be sure to stay hydrated when exploring the Park.

If hours of play have unleashed the power of your phone, recharge at the various phone charging stations around the Park.

If your wild encounter leads you to Wyldstyle, Kai or any other LEGO friend, keep in mind they may need to stop for a selfie with another guest before you can make your catch.


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