6 Ways We’ve Gone Green

LEGOLAND® California Resort has made multiple upgrades to become an eco-friendly business and continues to be committed to providing the best family theme park in the United States while optimizing recycling, water conservation, and other earth-conscious management techniques.

In 2007, we launched the innovative “Green Wave Committee,” which is an oversight group of Model Citizens (employees) from all departments in the Park, including landscaping, marketing, operations and events. These Green Wave Committee members provide ideas, direction and promotion in the continuing efforts to create a clean, eco-friendly environment for kids, families, and Model Citizens to enjoy.

Here are just 6 of the many ways LEGOLAND California Resort has dedicated itself to conservation:

1. Recycling
Throughout the entire Park, guests can green1find receptacles for collecting recyclables: such as cardboard, paper, bottles, aluminum, glass and steel. There are even special recycling bins for used Park Maps! In fact, LEGOLAND California Resort has a minimum of one recycling bin for every trash bin to make collection easy and accessible throughout the Resort. Even recycled items mistakenly put in the waste bin are sorted behind the scenes to ensure that every recyclable item is found.

2. Greenware
green2LEGOLAND California Resort utilizes sustainable packaging throughout the Park’s food service stations. Many of the dining areas have transitioned to Greenware cups and lids, which are made entirely from corn and are easily compostable. In addition, signage is posted wherever the cups are available, so guests can choose the earth-conscious drinkware.

3. Model Cleaning
An innovative cleaning process utilizes environmentally-friendly powdered walnut shells rather than chemicals to clean more than 27,000 LEGO® Models throughout LEGOLAND California Resort.

4. Composting
green3Every leaf raked or stem trimmed from the landscaping is recycled into mulch and composting to be used throughout the entire 128 acre family theme Park. It conserves water by providing a protection layer around the plants to prevent evaporation. In addition, the mulch absorbs water, either from the irrigation or from rainfall, and enables it to percolate into the soil below rather than running off.

Behind SEA LIFE® Aquarium, food scraps are composted and used to grow herbs that are fed to the reptiles.

5. Recycled Milk Jugs
We all made crafts in kindergarten with egreen4mpty milk jugs, and the LEGOLAND California team has taken the idea and made it into a grownup conservation effort!  Recycled milk jugs are used to make trash cans, recycling bins and benches used throughout the Park. In fact, there are 150 benches, each made from 800 plastic milk jugs, and 400 trash and recycling bins, each made from 330 milk jugs.

6. Regenerative Media Filters
green5California is famous for its sunny weather; however, the lack of rain can create critical conditions that call for intensive water conservation.  LEGOLAND Water Park uses regenerative media filters rather than conventional filters in its pools. They require no backwashing and use significantly less water. In fact, the expansion of the Water Park increased the overall water usage by a mere 5 percent.

Also, the LEGO Legends of CHIMA Water Park presented by Cartoon Network was built with

three bio-retention basins that work as natural filters for water runoff in order to protect the local oceans. The basins release the rain water slowly to allow its full dispersal into the ocean. Additionally, the expansion of the Water Park increased the overall water usage by a mere 5 percent.

Come check out all of these green initiatives for yourself! Click here for details.

Best regards,
Model Mom Mary

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