Sneak Peek: LEGO Friends Heartlake City Opens Now Open!


LEGO Friends Heartlake City is based on the popular toy line LEGO Friends, which focuses on the lives and personalities of five girls: Mia, Olivia, Andrea, Stephanie and Emma.

Heartlake City invites guests to dance and sing along at Friends Forever Stage, stroll through LEGO horse stables, enjoy a building activity at one of the LEGO brick tables, and go for a horseback ride on the carousel at Mia’s Riding Camp. Guests can also satisfy their sweet tooth at City Park Crêperie with freshly made crêpes before splashing about in the Heartlake Fountain!

Here’s what to expect on your next visit:

Mia’s Riding Camp
The huge carousel features 62 horses and jeeps to bring Heartlake City to life. Take a turn and enjoy the sights and sounds of Heartlake City.

Heartlake Fountain
This large heart-shaped fountain is the centerpiece of Heartlake City and guests of all ages can splash and play!

City Park Crêperie
City Park Crêperie provides guests the perfect solution to satisfy their sweet tooth. Aside from beverages, there are four crêpes available: powdered sugar, Nutella, Nutella and bananas, and berries.

Friends Forever Stage
It’s a party all day long at the Friends Forever Stage where live Friends perform “LEGO® Friends to The Rescue.” Come by to sing along and meet the Friends!

Heartlake City Boutique

Based on the Heartlake Mall LEGO building set, Heartlake City Boutique is the best location for Park guests to shop for LEGO Friends toys and products. Guests can also view the LEGO Friends hot air balloon featured inside the center of the store.

For more fun and games, visit our LEGO Friends Heartlake City site.

Brick regards,
Model Mom Mary

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